My Soul Sisters & Brothers

  • Nabalo

    • Thank you for midwifing the birth of this site. You are a shining example of someone living their truth and magic in the world. I am so blessed to have had you at my side as I birthed my offerings into being. Thank you for helping me to own my stories and adding your magic touch to my content.  You are a magical being on this planet!
  • Wild Woman Speaks

    • Thank you for "seeing" me and trusting me.... you opened the door for me to shine my light brighter than it ever has. I swoon over you and so f'n blessed to travel this life with you in it.
      Co-creating with you has been and continues to be an activity that I hold in the highest regard because when we come together sparks fly, laughter reins, and spirits soar.  
  • Wild Feminine Un.leashed Tribe

    • Ladies you are my virtual tribe that has had my back for the last few years. I love you all so f'n much and am so grateful for all of you.

  • Earth Alchemy Herbals

    • Thank you for being a true spiritual midwife on this planet. Your magic runs so deep and your turtle shell has kept me safe. You hold space like a true spiritual warrior and I am blessed that you have taken me under your shell. 
  • Velvet Plume

    • Your loyalty and commitment to "us" is astounding. You and I met in the muck, held hands through it, and we walked each other to the surface again. We ebb and flow and stretch each other and for that I am forever grateful. I see you and feel your love. I relish your every accomplishment, your growth, and your creativity. My love for you runs deep.
  • Divine Light Therapies

    • You are a true angel on this planet. Your sweetness is the most soothing nectar to my soul. Your depth and strength inspire me to no end. You are my spiritual soul~sister, how I love you star~sister. 
  • You Glow Girl

    • Your spunk and your fire create sparks in me. Your joy and commitment to empowerment and freedom encourage me to grow. The more I spend time with you the more my magic flows. Thank you for being you.  
  • Katie Burke

    • Our conversations have been short and sweet but the depth of wisdom and guidance that come through you blow my socks off. You are so solid. I relax into you and trust again. 
  • Niki Trosky

    • You have an eye for spirit and a freedom to play. Those two combined are therapy for the soul. Thank you for stepping up to share your beauty and show me my own. 
Photography: Sean Struchen

Photography: Sean Struchen

My Teachers

I have had many in my life that I am grateful for. Here is a list of some you may find useful. 

My Family and Friends

Family and Community

My sweet family and my incredible network of loved ones, both men and women (you know who you are), bless me beyond belief.

My ladies of the fork, my moon sisters, my spiritual family, my dancing family, our life-learning family, my local community of magic-makers...... I am blown open by the tribe of goodness and people willing to grow and evolve despite the effort and pain that it sometimes takes.

We are doing this.

We are rising!