".... a routine that supports and enhances our connection to the divine. Within our context it will be based in multi-cultural ancestral embodied teachings."

We improve on the tasks that we perform most frequently, they become our foundation in life, the roots of our tree. For this reason, when the wind is strong, the weather is ferocious, and life is rocky our routines have the potential to keep us afloat. When the weather has settled and the sun is shining brightly these routines can not only support us but also help us to grow. 

Now, let's add spirit and all other ways of referring to that which continues to lift us up when we thought there was nothing left to give, that's when the mundane routines become rituals. 

Rituals provide the sacred container within which we can live 'in the flow' with our feet firmly planted on the earth. All of our ancestors, from all of the cultures on this earth, had ritual prescriptions and teachings, let's use them respectfully and wisely to help to heal ourselves, each other, and the planet.


Yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind...


Using the knowledge and wisdom of the natural world...


Developing mental focus, awareness of breath, and awareness...

... using the practice of yoga to open up the body so that it can become a clear channel to the divine. This will allow us to trust more deeply in life. Once we are feeling, listening, and trusting we can start to express our whole truth in the world. Sharing our medicine for the benefit of all.

... using the knowledge and wisdom of the natural world to teach us more about ourselves and to give us tools and practices for healing. Studying and then embodying earth-based spiritual practices allow us to move in alignment with the rhythms of nature. 

... of sensations in the body, enabling us to feel and trust.  Strengthening the mind so that you are in the driver's seat of your life. Accepting reality as it is so that you are no longer ruled by it, you are able to function within the context of what already is.