Michelle Louise Marie

Photography by Niki Trosky 

Photography by Niki Trosky 


Michelle is a trailblazer. 

Her life has been a spiritual quest into the depths, starting with a walk through hot coals at the age of 5.

To this day, she has never stopped traveling to the depths and through the fire. For that reason, she has cultivated tools and practices that support us in rising up to the surface and up from the ashes. She lives life to it's fullest with an intensity that allows her to learn quickly, embody the lessons efficiently, and move on to the next adventure. 

She is now at a point where the teachings she has gathered are embodied and a system has been formed so that others may also benefit from them. 

Her teachings are a practice of embodiment. She will not ask you to play on the surface. She will empower you to feel it all, in a way that allows you to ride the waves, and not loose touch with the interconnectedness of all beings and the divinity within. This allows you to fully experience the peaks and valleys of your life and all the places in between. 


The more able we are to process and feel what is happening, the more we are ready to experience the fullness of life. 

Join her in the exploration of ancient multi-cultural teachings of our ancestors. She has studied and continues to study western psychology, buddhist meditation, yoga, shamanic practices, indigenous spirituality, and earth-based spirituality. 


Our strength is in our unity and our appreciation of each other. The time has come for the rainbow tribe to rise. When we are able to embody our physical form, we learn to love earth within ourselves, and in turn the earth on which we reside. 


Interesting Facts:

  • Completed over 10 Vipassana Meditation Retreats in the tradition of S.N. Goenka (www.dhamma.org)

  • Read Stephen R. Covey, "5 Habits of Highly Effective People" at the age of 17


  • University of Manitoba: Bachelor of Science (Honors), Cooperative Major in Computer Science, Minor in Sociology (Premed Requirements Completed)
  • Jane Nelsen's Positive Discipline: Certified Parent Educator
  • Ryan Leier One Yoga: Certified 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 
  • Yoga Centre of Winnipeg: 2 yrs of Advanced Teacher Training & Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Centre of Winnipeg: Certified 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Navina Thai Yoga Massage Therapist