Prerequisite: An Embodiment Session so that can get the most out of this experience. 

Have you ever...

  • wanted to feel more and become more embodied but you don't know how? 

  • wondered what it would be like to have a strong inner compass that always leads you in the right direction?

  • wanted to understand what is happening in your body from a new perspective? 

  • wanted to be better equipped to handle the seasonal changes and learn how to flow with them?

  • wanted to fall more deeply in love with your body and reawaken parts that you have forgotten? 

  • wanted to have a stronger mind/body connection?

  • wanted to communicate more clearly with your body? 

If so....

join me in a 12 month Sun Cycle online course, starting from the Summer Solstice of 2016 until the Summer Solstice of 2017.

The course is designed to lead you step-by-step on a journey through your body, exploring the chakra energy centres along the way, in synchronization with the Sun Cycle. (So being in the Northern Hemisphere is important.)

We will do this with the use of 3 videos on every New Moon and 3 videos on every Full Moon as well as access to an online private group.


At each New and Full Moon, you will receive:

  • 1 Yang Yoga Practices inspired by the energy of the Sun and the Sacred Masculine for your Morning Ritual Practice

  • 1 Yin Yoga Practice inspired by the energy of the Moon and Sacred Feminine for your Evening Ritual Practice. 

  • 1 Embodied Wisdom Video discussing where we are at in the current Sun and Moon Cycle, how they affects us, and the current chakra.


  • Access to a private online group for discussion and questions.


$669 for 12 months
Sun Cycle

Individual payment plans can be arranged.



Join me for The Embodiment Experience....

rekindling our connection to Divinity and Earth as we reawaken to our Bodies. 


(There is a prerequisite of 1 Embodiment Session to insure that you get the most out of this experience.) 

The Embodiment Experience
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Yin/ Yang

Winter/ Summer

Moon/ Sun

Sacred Feminine/ Sacred Masculine

Cold/ Hot

Receive/ Give

Inbreath/ Outbreath

Right Brain/ Left Brain

Exploring the polarities allows you to find balance within your life. The polarities exist and each end of the spectrum has something to teach us. If we spend too much time at one extreme or the other we loose our balance. 

You need time to just be, receive, open, surrender, create, submit, and feel just as much as you need time to strive, give, penetrate, push, calculate, lead, and achieve.  

With 2 monthly Yin Yoga Classes and 2 monthly Yang Yoga Classes targeting the area of the body that will be stimulated by the current Sun and Moon Cycle.

We will explore these polarities in all of my offerings. 

Sun and Moon Cycles

Available from

Available from


The moon cycles approximately once every month. 

The sun cycles approximately once every year. 

These cycles affect all of us deeply and when we start to acknowledge them, and learn how to work with them, we are no longer victims of circumstance. We become empowered to use the knowledge of how these cycles affect us. 

We will explore these cycles in all of my offerings. 

The Chakra System of the Body

Along my journey through deep immersion in meditation I came across a chart similar to this.

From Yoga Meditations by Julie T. Lusk

From Yoga Meditations by Julie T. Lusk

It gave me context for what I was feeling in my body, as I became aware of subtle sensations. After a time, I no longer needed a chart to reference. I understood the chakra system on an integral level. I understood how our five senses can stimulate different energy centres. I understood how the sensations in our body can be indications of emotional or physiological issues that need to be addressed. When I dove even deeper, I understood how my connection and acknowledgment of what I was feeling in my body was actually my connection to the divine. My direct line to something greater than myself.

Join me for The Embodiment Experience.

We will Anchor into Divinity through our Crown at the peak of the current Sun Cycle (Summer Solstice). Using this Anchor as our Compass, we will descend through our Bodies, alongside the waning Sun, until we eventually Root into the Earth as this current Sun Cycle ends (Winter Solstice). 

Once we have deeply established our Roots, shed what is weighing us down, and harvested our Medicine, we begin our ascent through our Bodies, alongside the waxing *new* Sun, channeling our Medicine into the world, guided by our Divine Compass and now Anchored into the Earth. 

The Embodiment Experience
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