Share Your Medicine, I've Got Your Back!

We need to support all of those around us that continue to shine their light in the world, their medicine, what makes them thrive. We all have difficulties, pain, and suffering. Sometimes those that rise the most have the biggest challenges to overcome. You never know what someone is dealing with.

Maybe they are sharing their medicine because they need to because they need to know that the world is rising. That we actually want to be here and want to experience everything that brings us joy.

Moving and dancing bring me joy. They allow me to feel and to fall in love with me. To fall in love with my life.

I know I am not the best dancer or the most refined but that is not the point. The point is I am real. The point is this is me. The point is it brings me joy and if it touches even one of you I am overflowing with gratitude. It shouldn't be a chore to offer our brothers and sisters support and love. A "like" doesn't cost you anything but it's a shout out to a brother or sister that you see them and you love them being themselves in the world.

The best we can do in this world is to share who we are in the world. We all have something to gift and the more we start doing it the better we get at it.

F**ck the story that says you can't do it unless you are great!!!! We all start somewhere. Being a beginner and proud of it is worth celebrating. Do what you love even if you are not great at it yet and show us all that you can be proud doing it. That takes guts but it also gives others permission to rise.

And if it's something you love than it will fill you up and make you stronger in the process. I don't have time to play small anymore. The world needs us and if I have to brave the fire to lead us there I will. Each and every one of us has wisdom to share. We all belong here. We all matter. Don't be afraid to show yourself.

I've got your back. Tag me on anything you are nervous about, and if it's you fully in your integrity, being you and shining your light, even if you are not perfect..... I have got your back!!!!!!!

Photography: Niki Trosky  Tattoo Artist: Bram Adey

Photography: Niki Trosky
Tattoo Artist: Bram Adey