Positive Discipline Parenting Classes

Learn and experience how to love, empower, and connect more effectively with children.

Michelle has been trained as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and has offered workshops and courses , based on the philosophies of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikers. In these courses and workshops, we will role-play, explore, feel, remember, and understand what it is truly like to be a child. We will have the opportunity to open ourselves up to what it’s like to be the recipient of modern day discipline methods, and we will explore practical solutions and tools that will create stronger more loving bonds with our children and those we love.

Community and personal relationships allow us the opportunity to grow in love and experience a sense of oneness. The interpersonal challenges we have our opportunities for us to grow and learn. To release the old habit patterns and stories from our own childhoods that no longer serve us. The art of love and relating is a practice and we are rewarded with a sense of belonging and significance.

Comments from Past Participants:

The most ‘aha’ moment for me was realizing that I don’t need to make my child feel worse in order to do better. I think that I’ve always known this deep down.
— Meaghan Ravensong

Would you recommend This class?

Yep, for anyone who want to have better communication with their kids. The more you bring to the class, the more you learn.
— Trevor
Absolutely – this is really life changing information that can increase harmony, peace, life-skills, communication, and love.
— Jennifer McRae-King


Do you think anything has changed in your home as a result of this class?

Our home is more ‘even’. There are less huge ups and downs. We are more confident parents, able to express our feelings and parenting style in a loving, competent way that is nurturing to our children.
— Adrienne Percy