Elemental Dance


Imagine you are lying still with your eyes closed,

 you start by noticing the sounds around you,

the colour of your eyelids,

the smells,

and then...

the temperature of the air.

The feeling of the air on your skin, you are just being with it, delighting in the simple feeling of air on your skin.

Moving your attention deep into your body,

the voice in your mind gets softer and becomes almost


 and then you begin to feel...

you begin to feel the sounds of the low deep peaceful drumming,

you feel the love and support of

the Earth Mother deep in your being.


You sink into her heartbeat and lay down all of your fears, concerns, and thoughts. 

And you remain still,

soaking up the feeling of being grounded,

held and supported.

Trusting that this space is a safe space because it needs to be.

We need to live in a world where we are free to be ourselves because there is no longer room to compromise.

Knowing also that it is a safe space because you feel it in your bones and because you know everyone in the room is committed to creating a safe space....

and knowing that even if someone was still holding on to a story within themselves about how they should and shouldn't be in the world it is their story and not yours. 

You know that your freedom lies in your ability to express exactly what your body is calling for. 

You also know that when your mind interrupts your process that you can just let it go and tell it to take a back seat for now. You are busy doing something much more fruitful at the moment.

And then you notice your body is asking you to move, you listen and follow it's lead. You move an arm and relish at the feelings it produces within you,

discovering and feeling the joy of movement. 

You continue with your eyes closed in your own personal space until you decide to open up a little and

verify if it truly is a safe space. 

You see others moving in their own way and notice how beautiful they are... in their bodies and in their movements. Their beauty inspires you to move deeper into your own movements. 

Then the music changes and you start to flow.

You feel the rhythm and the lyrical prose of the music and are taken away by it.... expressing everything that you are hearing and feeling through out your body. 

You body wakes up and your mind drops away,

you become one with the music.

When your mind returns you just gently remind it that it is not needed right now. 

Then you take another glance around you and you meet someone's eyes. Those eyes are so beautiful, gentle, and loving that you don't even break free from your flow.

The emotions begin to rise and your gratitude, grief, and love all intermingle until you realize that you actually tapped into their flow and you notice that your dance has changed simply because you tuned into someone else's. 

You get really excited and you start feeling the bliss rising inside of you. This is actually happening. I am actually feeling this good and am moving with all of these incredible humans. 

At this point the music reflects your bliss and passion.

You move and feel and feel and move.

Lost in the moment and the energy builds. 


 You are in all of it and none of it at once.

Your body and everything that you are feeling inside of you moves so quickly and yet you know just what to do and how to move and everyone around you is also moving and feeling and so fucking *lit* up. 

Until finally you can't stand it any longer you are so alive and rev'd up moving all of the energy in you, the bliss, the anger, the joy, the sadness, the thoughts.... 

Until it shifts again...

And you become light like the air...

Your body feels like it is floating...

There is nothing left in you but space...

And you feel the divine. 

You feel your connection to all that is...

And then we start our dance party!!!!