Thai Yoga Massage 

@ Yoga, Pilates, and More: 11-1325 Markham Rd. in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Michelle offers Thai Yoga Massage in her treatment space at Yoga, Pilates, and more in Winnipeg.

 A Thai Yoga Massage is like a passive yoga class and a massage combined. You remain fully clothed and are on a mat on the floor. Michelle  will stretch and massage your body using her hands, arms, feet, and knees. It's been called the lazy person's yoga.

Anonymous comments from her practicum.

"Best massage I ever had."
"I feel stoned."
"I reached a state between consciousness and dreaming, that I have only ever experienced once before."
"It was like a really deep savasana."
"I saw visions."
"My body is so open and relaxed."

"Your hands felt like the hands of the creator."