".... people cutting through the shame and stories they've been told about who they should be and how they should think, and just being *real* with each other."

Once we know ourselves and are able to feel and trust, we are in a better position to connect with others. We are confident in our bodies and who we are, and can let down the armour and be ourselves. When we can connect with each other from a place of authenticity, we find the magic. There is potential to truly see ourselves in someone else and find a place of flow and pure joy. 

I want you to have this. It requires courage, but can be developed with self-awareness and a firm commitment to truth. Who are you really? Are you all the stories that you've been told? Are you all the things everyone else has told you that you are? When do you feel most like yourself? How do you express yourself in the world? 

Through disciplined practice we can begin to see all of the cultural stories that we hold, and patterns from our childhood that we've held onto. Once we can see them, we have the opportunity to assess them, to feel into our bodies, and see if they are truly adding to our lives or are they imprisoning us? When we learn how to truly be in our bodies and to feel deeply, it is then that we develop our own inner compass that guides us. This in turn frees us up to be all of who we are. 

One of life's greatest joys is to connect deeply with another human being. 

My promise to you is that I will be as open and authentic as I can while still honouring myself and my own personal boundaries. I want you to do the same. 

Photography by Niki Trosky of Love Life Productions

Photography by Niki Trosky of Love Life Productions