Anchor Me

Anchor Me was birthed in the Underworld. It was December 2015, between the last full moon of the year and right before the shortest day of the year. A time when all the energy in nature is deep under the earth and a time when many of us feel that darkness also in our lives.

I got ripped apart this winter, and when I put myself back together I only put back the good parts.

I was taken deep into the underworld. As the Fall became Winter I was brought down. My back gave out and my body asked me to be slow and discriminating. To choose my friends, lovers, food, and activities wisely. I was stripped of my energy and I was riddled with pain.

 That is the gift of the Underworld. All that is not necessary falls away, and you are given the opportunity to strengthen the roots that give you the deepest nourishment. This will give back to you for many days to come as you rise up from the Underworld with those roots intact.

When I used the little energy I had, I danced. I did what brought me the most joy and healing.  I always knew that I liked to dance but didn't realize just how deeply I was fed by my dancing. So, on days where I could barely do anything, I danced. Sometimes only for 5 minutes, but still, I danced.

On one particularly difficult night when emotional trauma was added to the physical pain, I was deep in the suffering. So deep that all I wanted to do was feel. I had no desire to continue talking. I needed to let my emotions flow and let the energy move through me to cleanse me.

All I wanted to do was dance.

A close friend called out of concern to see how I was doing. It was in that moment that I had the idea to start Anchor Me. I told her I was moving though the emotions by feeling them and dancing, but would be unable to talk to her. I told her that I would post videos of my dance throughout the evening and the next day on a Facebook page that I would create called Anchor Me.
By logging into that page, she could see for herself how I was doing and where I was at.



I want to show others the possibility of being with and moving through whatever life has in store for us through our bodies. Any way that you have to move energy in your body: movement, music, art, or any other method you have. Just remember to be with what you are feeling and try not to push it away. Our bodies want to show us and teach us, but if we keep ignoring them or waiting until we are perfect before we begin, we loose the gift of expression and the gifts of feeling. They are all emotions and are all part of our experience of life. If we numb-out to avoid difficult feelings and sensations, the chances are greater that we will also numb-out when the incredible feelings and sensations arise. Find a way to just be with what is so that you get the fullest experience of life while you are here.


Like my mama says, "You are never promised tomorrow."
Let's be as alive as we can be today!

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